Craig Cooke

“Spend your time wisely in everything that you do. Time is our most precious resource and you have to make the best of it. Also, seek out a mentor or a group of people that can advise you from time to time. Outside perspectives help tremendously. And of course, don’t ever, ever quit – just adapt. They’re not the same.”

Craig Cooke – Founder & CEO, Rhythm

Mark Murrell

“The anxiety never goes away. Embrace it. Remind yourself that you don’t know shit about what your “customer” wants; that is the only way you can get better at serving them.

Mark Murrell – Founder & CEO, Get Maine Lobster

John Espey

“I would tell them to get ready to be lonely at times and that they had better be in touch with who they actually are and who they want to be. If they don’t understand both of these, they will really struggle to be happy AND successful.”

John Espey – Founder & CEO, Levvel

Calvin Brock

“Follow your heart. God has placed dreams inside of people to carry out. That is why civilization has been advancing, throughout the world, since the beginning of mankind. If you don’t chase your dream, God will give it to someone else who will.”

Calvin Brock – Founder & CEO, Jack and Landlords

Jade Sheppard

“Don’t be afraid to be a capitalist. People make it into a bad word but I think of making profit as a game of chess. It’s a game and it’s what makes it fun and exciting. You can be in a business that you love and makes no money, like a lifestyle business, but I would recommend doing that after you’ve made enough money to be somewhat financially secure. Sometimes, the least glamorous businesses are the ones that make good cash. You don’t need to be a high tech startup or think of something no one else has thought of. You just need to be a business that follows sound business principles and works hard, which turns into a few lucky breaks. Luck favors those who work hard and who are in the right place at the right time.”

Jade Sheppard – President, Gideon USA

Zak Dabbas

“Whatever it is you want, you need to want it more than the next person or you don’t stand a chance. Figure out what drives you and connect with it deeply—because only when you do that can you become unstoppable. Equally as important is to believe that people are inherently good. The more I trust and appreciate those around me, the more I’m constantly amazed by the mountains they move.”

Zak Dabbas – Co-Founder & CEO, Punchkick Interactive

Joshua Lindsey

“Do you want to do what you love or are you doing it for the money? There’s a big difference. If you are just in it for the money and to provide a great life for your family and yourself, choose a business that you can model after. No need to invent something. Just figure out a way to do it better in an industry that is proving to be lucrative. If you’re passionate about a business or project, come to grips that you may not make money for a long time, if ever. Many startups fail, so you better love it and not be thinking about the money.”

Joshua Lindsey – Managing Partner, American Business Brokers

Levi King

“As an entrepreneur, you go into business to solve a problem. You see something that no one else can, a need waiting to be filled that other people either haven’t noticed or can’t fill themselves.

This problem should be your number one concern, the place you pour all of your energy. Don’t waste a drop of energy innovating on anything related to business systems, operations, payroll, how accounts receivable/payable work, etc. On these matters, follow the advice of wise people who came before you. They already figured it out. Payroll works a certain way, for example. In your business, if you’re solving for any other type of problem other than payroll, follow that way and don’t tinker with it.

You can’t afford to try to innovate anywhere else in your business except on that core idea or objective that you think you can improve for others.”

Levi King – Co-Founder & CEO, Nav

Summer Harris

“You can do it, and you can do it the way you want to do it. For most things, there is not just ONE right way. Don’t let anyone give you advice that you didn’t ask for, and when you do receive advice, just add it to the list of things to be considered. Just because that advice worked for them does not necessarily mean it will work for you.”

Summer Harris – Founder & CEO, Baby Bling Bows

Gil Eyal

“Get ready for a ride. Every single entrepreneur I speak with agrees that their path was much more volatile and challenging than they had ever anticipated. Some compare it to jumping off a cliff and figuring out how to survive the fall. Don’t do it for any other reason except that you really believe you are doing something important that must be done.”

Gil Eyal – Founder & CEO, HYPR